Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management: New Cloud Applications From the Leader in HCM

Built from the ground up to help you do things your way, know your people better, and work as a team, Oracle Fusion HCM re-thinks the business of HR to provide value to every person in your organization – from HR professionals to employees and managers. Oracle Fusion HCM connects all parts of your workforce, empowering you to inform, engage, and collaborate in ways never before possible.
Whether you choose one module or the entire suite, Fusion HCM is designed to co-exist with your current applications portfolio to deliver innovation without disruption. Oracle Fusion HCM puts you in the driver's seat with the power to deploy SaaS, hosted, or on premise - backed with industry leading Oracle technology.
Learn more about Fusion Human Capital Management by attending a live demo or downloading a white paper about HCM applications in the cloud.

Oracle Fusion HCM

Do Things Your Way
  • Role-Centric User Experience: Drive productivity with a user experience tailored to each role
  • Personalized for Everyone: Give every employee the power to personalize their user experience
  • Business-Led Configurability: Adapt processes to fit changing business needs without IT intervention

Know Your People Better
  • Information at Your Fingertips: Make smarter decisions with just the information you need for every situation
  • Insight into Action: Dig into the root causes of and take action on employee issues
  • Predictive Analysis: Look ahead and be prepared for upcoming workforce trends

Work as a Team
  • Collaboration for Results: Do the right activities at the right time securely with enterprise social tools
  • Network at Work: Quickly find and connect with peers and experts across functions and geographies
  • Talent Review: Work more closely with business managers to make the right decisions on talent

Enterprise Grade Cloud Applications
  • Full Human Capital Management Suite: HR, Payroll, Talent Management available as a service
  • Always on the Latest Release: Enhancements delivered every 6 months
  • Backed by Oracle Technology: The industry leader in security, reliability, and performance

Oracle HCM Complete Choice

Oracle puts you in the driver's seat with a complete choice in applications to fit your unique business strategy. Stay current on your investments or investigate a Cloud environment–your choice. For more information on the following product families:

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Customer Video: Principal Financial Group

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Oracle Fusion HCM: The New Standard for Business. Watch the Video