Oracle Daybreak


Oracle Daybreak is a comprehensive consumer-lending system that streamlines all aspects of automobile financing—from origination to servicing and collections—across a single relational database, thereby increasing productivity, improving customer service, and reducing risk. Since 1998, Oracle Daybreak has been the choice of premier automotive lenders around the world in their efforts to reduce costs and increase efficiencies throughout the consumer-lending cycle.


  • Automates all aspects of financing from loan origination, servicing, and collection
  • Manages multiple lending products through an enterprise-wide consumer-lending platform
  • Lowers operation costs
  • Remains compatible with current standards, as well as emerging technologies

Oracle Daybreak can be implemented as a specialized point solution or as part of a core banking solution such as Oracle FLEXCUBE. Oracle Daybreak has functionality for managing installment loans, supporting closed-end, fixed-rate loans for multiple, user-defined collateral types. Its functionality for lines of credit allows organizations to manage a portfolio of revolving credit programs such as home equity lines of credit, in-store revolving credit programs, and overdraft credit lines. And, Oracle Daybreak's functionality for leases can support consumer leases with sophisticated termination and re-marketing programs.