Oracle Database
Appliance X5-2

One-Button deployment and patching for a highly available clustered database system.

Database Appliance Overview

The Oracle Database Appliance X5-2 saves time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of high availability database solutions. Built with the world’s most popular database—Oracle Database—it offers customers a fully integrated system of software, servers, storage, and networking that delivers high availability database services for a wide range of custom and packaged online transaction processing (OLTP), in-memory database, and data warehousing applications. It offers unique capacity-on-demand software licensing to quickly scale from 2 to 72 processor cores without incurring the costs and downtime usually associated with hardware upgrades.

The Oracle Database Appliance X5-2 hardware is a 6U rack-mountable system containing two Oracle Linux servers and one storage shelf. Each server features two 18-core Intel Xeon E5-2699 v3 processors, 256 GB of memory, and 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) external networking connectivity. The two servers are connected together via a redundant InfiniBand interconnect for cluster communication and share direct-attached high performance SAS storage. The appliance contains 128 TB of raw storage, four 400 GB solid-state disks for frequently accessed data and four 200 GB solid-state disks for database redo logs to boost performance.

The Oracle Database Appliance X5-2 enables customers and ISVs to quickly deploy both database and application workloads in a single appliance on a virtualized platform, based on Oracle VM. Customers and ISVs benefit from a complete solution that efficiently utilizes resources and takes advantage of capacity-on-demand licensing for multiple workloads by leveraging Oracle VM hard partitioning.

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